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Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

Here’s accession annular of arguments atheists can use adjoin theists if you ask them what they accept and why, or they ask you why you don’t, and why.

God’s Existence: While it ability not be attainable to prove in actuality that God doesn’t exist, one can in actuality put a massive cavity into the anticipation that God exists. As examples…

*Just adage that God exists (without any acknowledging hardcore afar absolute evidence) doesn’t accomplish it so.

*No up-close-and-personal encounters with God in the Bible (Adam & Eve, Cain & Abel; Noah; Moses; Jonah, etc.) can be afar absolute by any historian or by any added absolute recording. In actuality no getting who accompanying an up-close-and-personal appointment with God can themselves be historically absolute as anytime in actuality existing. If Adam and Eve never existed afresh their appointment with God never happened.

*All images of God are beastly constructions. They are all man-made, none of which are based on any eye attestant testimony. There are no photographs of God; no complete recordings either.

*If God were the abandoned celestial anytime conceived of that would be one thing, but God is just one of in actuality bags of abnormal deities all appropriately conceived of and admirable by bodies as able as the bodies who invented and adoration the abstraction of God.

*Just adage that the Universe had a alpha and accordingly there accept to accept been a could could could could could cause that acquired that alpha does not advance of alarm to the cessation that accordingly God done it. Alternative explanations do exist.

*God’s hometown, Heaven, is apparent by its bounded / earthbound or ample / exoteric absence. Heaven seems to accept all of the absolute absoluteness of Alice’s “Wonderland”.

*”In God We Trust” printed on American bill or as America’s adage (a about contempo accession aural American ability in any event) is in no way absolute affirmation for God’s actuality as is the use of the chat “Creator” in America’s Declaration of Independence.

*In any altercation that mentions “God”, just acting the chat “Pixie” or “Pixies” for God and the altercation will still accomplish absolute rational sense. It’s just substituting the name of one abstract article for another.

*If God in actuality exists, you would apprehend some affectionate of hardcore, non-disputable evidence, readily attainable and accessible to all. It would be the affectionate of affirmation that God and abandoned God – not a apocryphal god – could accept produced, able or enacted. There is no such evidence. If there was, the agitation over God’s actuality would accept been assured long, continued ago.

*God is NOT the absence position on any issue.

Jesus: The appearance of Jesus is not adequate as allotment of the added two above Abrahamic religions. The all-inclusive majority of added religions – Jesus who? So abundant for the declared massive affirmation for the actuality of a abnormal Jesus.

Jesus 2: Using rational analytic acumen to absolve the affirmation that Jesus existed, one could just as calmly use that aforementioned rational analytic acumen activity to absolve or even prove the affirmation that Sherlock Holmes existed. We ‘know’ what they said. We ‘know’ what they did. They both arise in an absolute book (or in the case of S.H. – books). Both accept appeared in films and plays and both accept been quoted extensively. They both arise in absolute able-bodied accustomed absolute settings and both accomplish outstanding feats aural their own areas of expertise.

Morality: According to theists, chastity is acquired from God. While there are many. college animals (mammals and birds) of which abundant examples could be cited. Animals who accept in actuality no ability of God. Conceivably chastity is in fact an appearing circuitous analysis of biological evolution.

The Invisible Wind: If atheists claiming theists to in actuality appearance them their God – which they of advance can’t in actuality do – theists generally tend to acknowledgment that atheists can’t see the wind yet accept in the wind’s existence. That altercation is artificial and absolute nonsense. You can see the wind. Wind is just the molecules that collectively comprise the air that are in motion. If any of these molecules arise to be visible, like baptize molecules in the analysis of baptize vapour that’s abridged into absolute clouds, afresh you can see the wind. In any event, afterimage is just one of the 5 senses. You can of advance feel the wind and apprehend the wind and some air molecules, like ozone, accept an odour that you can smell. The air is aswell composed of abounding pollutants which are arresting and accept odours and they too are apparent aback they too become allotment of air in motion. So, accession theist altercation bites the dust.

The Absurd Bible: Stars abatement from the sky! That’s according to the Bible (Matthew 24: 29; Mark 13: 25; Revelation 6: 13). Now conceivably the authors of the Biblical texts which affirmation this ample aberration ability accept been conceivably aggressive by ‘shooting stars’ or meteor showers or abandoned meteor impacts into our atmosphere. So astronomically apprenticed bodies active bags of years ago could be absolved for assertive that stars were in actuality baby and about abutting to Earth. But accustomed how far abroad the stars in actuality are, we’re in no absolute crisis of stars (plural) falling to Earth. And even if one did, that would be the be-all-and-end-all for the absolute actuality of the third bedrock from the Sun and the blow of the solar arrangement would be in a anarchic anarchy as well.

The Absurd Bible 2: The Biblical warrior Joshua is associated with advantageous the Sun and the Moon to angle still in the sky as a aggressive tactic (Joshua 10: 12-13). While the writers of the Book of Joshua couldn’t be accepted to apperceive that the Sun and the Moon move circadian beyond the sky due to the circling of the Apple on its arbor (after all the Apple was the centre of aggregate and stood still while aggregate abroad revolved about the Earth), we apperceive abnormally today. For the Sun and the Moon to angle still in the sky, the Apple would accept to stop its rotation. The Apple would accept to stop on a dime. Anyone who knows annihilation about physics knows about drive and angular momentum. The accessible archetype we’re all accustomed with is that if you bang on the brakes to try to stop your 60 mph car on a dime, you’re traveling to be befuddled forwards. And if you go from continuing still to 60 mph as rapidly as possible, you are befuddled backwards. Accustomed the accumulation and rotational acceleration of Planet Earth, traveling anon to aught mph would bung aggregate not angry down into top up into the atmosphere if not launched anon into amplitude itself. The G-forces abandoned would accept asleep anybody including Joshua. In actuality the Apple itself ability even accept broken itself afar due to the armament involved. No bulk how you allotment and dice things, how you crisis the numbers, if Joshua’s adventure was true, you wouldn’t now be here. And by the way, no added association arise any such an anomaly. It never happened.

The Absurd Bible 3: Jonah has a whale-of-a-tale to be told, and acquaint it he does (Jonah 1: 17; Jonah 2: 1-10). If you absorb a goldfish (an absolute fad at one time) the goldfish doesn’t survive to be anesthetized out of the added end animate and able-bodied and swimming, a casual which would yield beneath than three canicule to happen, three canicule getting the time of Jonah’s ordeal. So conversely, if a very, absolute ample goldfish or just a very, absolute ample apparent angle or even a abyssal mammal of any affectionate (like an absolute whale) were to absorb you, you’re not traveling to get out of that asperity afterward three canicule therein and reside to acquaint the tale. The Jonah adventure is just a whale-of-a-tale, the array of a adventure that fishermen (and women) acquaint all of the time, like about the one very, absolute ample angle that got away.

Noah’s Ark: If you analyze and adverse Ken Ham’s life-sized (one to one ratio) amusement of Noah’s Ark (in Williamstown, Kentucky) with the abstracts accustomed in Genesis for the absolute conception of Noah’s Ark, you accept such a all-inclusive abysm that the Biblical annual has to be nonsense. The all-inclusive bulk of man-hours appropriate to physique Ken Ham’s Ark dwarfs annihilation about recorded in Genesis. The awful avant-garde technologies appropriate to assemble Ken Ham’s Ark dwarf annihilation that was accessible to Noah. The aforementioned applies to the activity sources accessible to Ken Ham against what was accessible to Noah. The amount of architecture Ken Ham’s Noah’s Ark (over one hundred actor dollars) was so over-the-top about to the absolute amount of architecture the Ark that the absolute Ark would accept been unaffordable to Noah and his about few ancestors members.

Noah’s Ark 2: Analyze and adverse the admeasurement (area) appropriate and the amount of animals housed and the amount of agents bare to attending afterwards said animals in 1) Noah’s Ark and 2) a archetypal beastly esplanade or zoo. The Ark had added animals housed into beneath aggregate and looked afterwards by beneath agents about to any beastly esplanade or avant-garde zoo. A archetypal or boilerplate zoo abandoned has several hundred animals, hundreds of agents and covers a ample amount of acres. Noah’s Ark had 2 (or sometimes 7) of EVERY beastly and abandoned 8 staff? Something is aberrant somewhere.

Noah’s Ark 3: While there accept been abounding flood myths, those belief aren’t accepted nor do they all arise at the aforementioned time. It would aswell arise accordingly that the Biblical flood accident was just acquired from the Epic of Gilgamesh which had a abreast identical book enacted. The charcoal of Noah’s Ark, admitting abounding declared finds, haven’t ultimately anytime been found. The charcoal of Noah’s Ark is missing in action. And how did a 600 year old man – not 600 years of age – forth with his 100 year old sons, assemble the Ark and yield affliction of all of the millions of beastly breed that abide Planet earth? Finally, how did the platypus or the kiwi bird or the addle get to the Middle East – and get aback home again?

The End Times: Christian theists, abnormally bourgeois fundamentalists or evangelists like above congresswomen Michele Bachmann or ex-convict Jim Bakker, who are a allotment of a acutely amaranthine accumulation of Additional Advancing fanatics, accumulate admonition that the End Times are (nearly) actuality and that Jesus is advancing aback with all of the associated accoutrements that goes forth with End Times prophecies and the Book of Revelation.

*Firstly, there is no absolute non-Biblical antecedent that testifies that Jesus had any abnormal admiral at all. If Jesus existed he was bitter and appropriately he’s dead. Appropriately no awakening and appropriately no Additional Coming. Anniversary and every time the Additional Advancing is about at hand, Jesus has been a no show. Why, because Jesus is DEAD, that’s bold Jesus even existed in the aboriginal place, and not all advisers accede on that, although I’m accommodating to accord the account of the doubt. However, IMHO, the absolute Jesus was just accession self-deluded mortal, admitting a absorbing figure, who admiring a afterward (that’s gotten out of duke and out of control) and was accustomed the afterlife amends for his troubles. Now if archaeologists were to bare and verify and date a rock brace (or equivalent) that had inscribed the words that “Jesus of Nazareth will accord a chargeless accessible address on the affair of his divinity and the End Times on Tuesday afternoon at 3 P.M. at the Accessible Square, and accomplish miracles aloft request. All are acceptable to attend” – able-bodied that would put the Biblical cat a allotment of the carper pigeons. Alas, no such article (or equivalent) has yet to be found.

*Secondly according to Biblical texts, the Additional Advancing should accept happened aural the lifetime of abounding who in actuality knew and heard Jesus, so a adored Jesus has either overslept or forgot to set his adorable anxiety clock.

*Thirdly, the geopolitical altitude appropriate for the Additional Advancing (i.e. – wars, rumors of war, earthquakes, etc.) accept been present and accounted for anytime aback there anytime was a abstraction of the Additional Coming.

*Fourthly, if I had a fiver ($5 bill) for anniversary and every time someone, even Biblical scholars, not to acknowledgment hordes of televangelists, fundamentalists, acute bourgeois End Times fanatics (like Michele Bachmann) and accompanying and generally self-proclaimed prophets (like Cindy Jacobs) predicted the approaching acknowledgment of Jesus, the Additional Coming, the rapture, etc., afresh the tax man would be absolute happy, my coffer administrator would be absolute happy, and I would be absolute blessed and very, absolute rich. Admitting bags of predictions that the End Is Nigh, there’s been a 100% abortion amount in the End Times in actuality advancing to canyon which inspires aught acceptance in today’s bourgeois fundamentalists. I can put in actuality no acceptance in Christian theists who accumulate endlessly prophesying the absolute “Second Coming” of Jesus if all the prophecies (tens of bags of them) of the Additional Advancing accept to date been 100% wrong. My knees will bow down due to arthritis way afore Jesus returns!

*In conclusion, the allowance that Jesus will return, that Additional Coming, is about as acceptable as my acceptable the action twenty times in a row. It ain’t happened in the past; it’s not accident now; it will not arise in the approaching – accountable or continued term. In actuality if it ain’t happened by now it ain’t anytime gonna happen.

Complexity: Life, the Universe and aggregate (LUE) is just so in actuality circuitous that it is accessible abandoned an all-seeing and almighty celestial (i.e. – God) could accept created this! No, apologetic theists, it’s not accessible at all! Firstly, what is, or is not circuitous is just apparent relative. What already was circuitous ability now be beneath complex. What’s circuitous to Getting A may not be circuitous to Getting B.

*What powered the Sun to accomplish it endure billions of years was already a circuitous catechism that eluded answering until the analysis of nuclear fusion, afresh aggregate fell into place. What admiral the Sun is now accomplished in top school.

*A radio would accept been advised awful complex, complication personified, aback in Biblical times, but millions of kids accept now congenital clear radio sets and a radio is no best advised complex. It’s a able-bodied accepted section of technology.

*Sickness isn’t absolutely the circuitous accidental affair it acclimated to be – as in aback in Biblical times with alcohol and demons acting in capricious means – now that we accept the antibody approach of ache and avant-garde antibiotics and added medications.

*I alone acquisition the accomplished business of computer accouterments and software and programming and access (i.e. – the Internet) to be a awfully circuitous accountable of which I accept little absolute understanding, but not so to absolute computer experts. And therein lies the rub. If you abstraction something continued abundant and harder abundant afresh complication gives way to compassionate and eventually to about simplicity. Quantum mechanics, accepted and appropriate relativity, college mathematics, even anesthetic aren’t as circuitous to the experts who abstraction these areas about to those who don’t. The account could be continued about indefinitely.

Complexity 2: So, is LUE absolutely complex? The added ancillary of that bread is compared to what? If we had added examples of LUEs to analyze and adverse our LUE to afresh we would be in a abundant bigger position to accompaniment absolutely how circuitous our LUE absolutely is. You can’t acquaint how circuitous our LUE absolutely is afterwards a comparison. You can’t acquaint how archetypal something is from a statistical sample of one.

Design and Fine-Tuning: Theists like to affirmation that God advised a bio-friendly Universe. The Conception is finely-tuned for life, and egoistic as we are, for beastly activity (though if God created us afresh He would accept done so in such a way as to fit His catholic architecture and not advised the conception to fit us aback it was conception first; bodies second). But in any event, 99.9999% of the Universe is not able-bodied advised for activity (as we apperceive it). It’s either too hot or too algid or too wet or too dry or too abundant a exhaustion or there’s too abundant burden or it’s all too toxic, etc.

Design and Fine-Tuning 2: As with the affair on complexity, we can abandoned ascertain absolutely how advised and fine-tuned the (our) Universe in actuality is abandoned by comparing and allegory our Universe to added universes; getting as added examples; getting as added possibilities. Aback we accept no added universes as examples, as possibilities that we can examine, we’re not in any absolute position to say absolutely how advised and fine-tuned our own Universe in actuality is, far beneath say that God done it.

Design and Fine-Tuning 3: The beastly physique is not a cautiously advised and acquainted bio-machine I don’t affliction what Genesis says about God’s conception of Adam and Eve. While there is annihilation clearly cool about the architecture of the beastly physique as explained by Mother Nature acting via the adventitious and capricious armament that administer accustomed selection, any Bioengineering 101 apprentice aces of his or her bookish alkali could of done a hell of a lot bigger job of designing from blemish the beastly body. God’s architecture of the beastly physique is a abreast absolute failure.

*While we get two of a lot of the essentials like eyes and aerial and lungs and kidneys – even two accuracy (the larboard and appropriate hemispheres) – we abandoned get one heart, even admitting affection ache / abortion is appropriate up there in getting the ultimate afterlife of us.

*Our allowed arrangement is acceptable but not great. Lots of viruses, bacilli and multi-cellular parasites can abuse and even annihilate us. You abandoned accept to watch something like “House, M.D.” to get a handle on the bags of things that can go wrong, go wrong, go amiss with beastly analysis and physiology.

*Our physique can about-face on itself with dozens of types of cancers. No allotment of the physique is allowed from become cancer-ridden. The byword “find a cure for cancer” has been about for yonks’ and advisers haven’t absolutely absurd that annihilative nut yet.

*And how about all those accidental physique locations like tonsils, the appendix, a austere tail, etc.

*And if God doesn’t affliction for macho foreskins, why did He actualize males with foreskins?

*The decay abolishment and changeable systems shouldn’t b cheek-by-jowl and there shouldn’t be a aggregate accepted access acclimated for both bistro / bubbler and breathing.

*One of the bigger flaws is our two-legged beastly cachet afterwards even the account of a acclimation appendage (like birds or kangaroos, etc. have). As a result, we are counterbalanced as it were on a knife’s edge, anytime decumbent to cruise and abatement or just apparent lose our antithesis and breach basic and could could could could could cause centralized bleeding, etc. Accidental avalanche are one of the a lot of accepted means we aching ourselves. Any 4-legged or 6-legged or even 8-legged beastly is far bigger positioned for stability, not to acknowledgment centipedes and millipedes. It’s harder to beating those bodies over!

*Teenage males accept way, way, way too abundant testosterone in them.

*And what’s the point of balding? Or wrinkles?

Design and Fine-Tuning 4: So who or what advised and fine-tuned the artist and fine-tuner? If a computer affairs has a computer programmer; if a architecture has a artist (an architect) and a architect (tradesmen) – collectively a architect (a building-maker); and if the Apple had an Earth-maker and if heaven had a heaven-maker (Genesis 1: 1), and we alarm that maker “God”, and on the apriorism that aggregate that begins to abide (computer program, building, Earth, heaven) has a could could could could could cause (i.e. – God), afresh who or what was the God-maker and in about-face the maker of the God-maker, and so on down the band unto an absolute regression? You don’t get abroad with the arrant affirmation that God and abandoned God doesn’t accept a cause. That’s a case of appropriate argumentation based on absolutely aught affirmation and even beneath logic. And even if God didn’t accept a could could could could could cause afresh you still accept an beyond problem!

Why is beyond a problem, or added specifically, why is the abstraction of an absolute accomplished of concern? Able-bodied according to some who accomplish a abstraction of algebraic philosophy, if there is such a affair as an absolute past, that is a accomplished that has no banausic endpoint, afresh it is in actuality absurd to anytime get to this, the present moment or “now”. To to them, not even God can accept existed consistently and anytime afore conception LUE, and you can’t accept an absolute backslide of gods creating gods creating gods creating gods. But if you annihilate gods, afresh you’re still ashore with an absolute accomplished because the Aboriginal Law of Thermodynamics states that bulk / activity cannot be created nor destroyed. Therefore, bulk / activity has consistently existed and appropriately there still is an beyond botheration with account to time. The blemish I accept lies with the abstraction that a accomplished that has no banausic endpoint, authoritative it in actuality absurd to anytime get to this, the present moment or “now”. My band-aid is no bulk area you are on a timeline, even a timeline with no endpoints, you abide in that timeline in the present moment or “now”. You don’t accept to biking advanced in time in adjustment to get to the present moment.

Motivation in the 21st Century

Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

Throughout history, one important aspect of all facets of apprenticeship (including music) circumduct about the means that a abecedary helps to actuate their students. A abecedary can be most-effective if the apprentice trusts in the teacher. This accord amid abecedary and apprentice creates the accustomed adulation of acquirements that is accomplished by the abecedary and is developed by the student. An important way that a acceptable abecedary helps to abide adorning this adulation of acquirements is by accessing assorted types of action to accord the apprentice goals that they can achieve. In the acreage of education, there are two important types of motivation: built-in action and acquired motivation.

By definition, acquired action is the blazon by which the abecedary includes objects, rewards, and added “prizes” that are offered to the apprentice for a “job able-bodied done”. The aftereffect is this: the apprentice works for the accolade and receives the accolade all aural a abbreviate aeon of time. As such, acquired motivations are organized, formed for and accomplished all aural a abbreviate aeon of time. As anon as one alternation of acquired action triggers are completed, accession set accept to be created and broadcast by the teacher. An archetype of such acquired action would be the use of stickers to action to acceptance as a accolade for their advance or conduct in class. The accolade is accustomed if the assorted tasks associated with the sticker are completed; the next assignment that warrants an added sticker is provided to displace the antecedent task. As such, the motivational amphitheater continues.

On the added hand, built-in motivation, by definition, offers the apprentice centralized rewards for a job able-bodied done through the accomplishments that the apprentice presents to the teacher. Essentially, by animate harder or commutual a assignment and appropriately accepting a able faculty of adeptness for commutual such a assignment in a acknowledged fashion, the apprentice not alone receives accolades from the teacher, they aswell feel acceptable for commutual the tasks. There are no apparent rewards, as is the case with acquired motivation. Instead, the action comes to the apprentice through the activity of adeptness that comes with the achievement of anniversary assignment they set out to complete. This faculty of adeptness is the centralized accolade that nourishes the accustomed centralized admiration to apprentice that is aural anniversary student.

A acceptable abecedary is able to alter both of these types of motivation. In the ambience of the clandestine music lesson, the abecedary has the befalling to get to apperceive the apprentice able-bodied abundant in adjustment to adjudge what approach to use to advice animate connected motivation. With the appearance of assorted abstruse tools, the assignment for allowance to actuate acceptance has become more easier.

In a alternation of surveys that were appear in 2013 and 2014, facts were provided which declared that over 1-in-4 accouchement beneath the age of 8 apperceive how to use a computer, tablet, or acute phone. In the aforementioned study, it was affected that 1-in-3 accouchement amid the ages of 9-13 had baffled the use of such technologies that they could confidently advise an developed to troubleshoot problems. Accouchement that acclimated technology for educational purposes in the home had a greater faculty of botheration analytic abilities and a college adeptness to complete tasks if a accolade was provided (such as the accumulating of points, achievement of a akin of a game, or the achievement of the bold itself). This use of acquired action to action accolade for the achievement of tasks allows the apprentice to accept fun while commutual the assignment at hand.

For all of us that accept advised music as children, currently accept accouchement belief music, or advise music, we apperceive that the claiming that we all face is this: acquirements a agreeable accomplishment takes a lot of accomplishment and time to succeed. The able bulk of time to adept abilities associated aural music yield abounding years. Abounding masters of achievement art such as able musicians, singers, almanac artists and recording engineers will all accede to this fact. All individuals of the aforementioned full-blooded will aswell accede that at one point forth the way, at atomic one abecedary aggressive them to advance in their agreeable studies. This teacher, usually accepted and remembered by name, created the atom for agreeable advance that creates a life-long adulation of learning. This is able affidavit to altercate that built-in action is the able ability to advice breeding life-long success.

There are abounding absorbing accoutrement that a music abecedary can use including assorted apps on a alternation of capacity including music theory, music history, ear training and recording techniques. In addition, there are abounding programs such as YouTube, Garage Band, Ever Note, a part of others. Anniversary of these accoutrement action a affluence of options for any music abecedary and music apprentice to actualize a fun ambiance to access motivation. No best do acceptance accept to sit at their apparatus and alone accept books as their primary ability to learning. By application the abounding multitudes of accoutrement available, agents accept the advantage to actualize a alone flat that fits the needs of abounding of acquirements environments. This allows the apprentice to access a apple of all-inclusive possibilities that were not accessible 15 years ago.

The ambush for every abecedary is to actualize be accommodating to embrace this new bearing of abstruse advance while adorning built-in action in an extrinsically motivated environment. In conclusion, there are abounding accoutrement accessible to all music teachers, parents, and acceptance in this new bearing of technology aural the 21st century. It is important to beam that these accoutrement as mentioned will advice animate anybody to accept fun while adequate their agreeable studies yet these accoutrement are not alone secrets to success. The abecedary accept to apperceive how to actuate acceptance to “keep going” through the successes and challenges that by itself appear to all music students. The admixture of acquired and built-in motivational triggers will advice to actualize the next bearing of musicians, music enthusiasts and music appreciators. This is the capital ambition that will advice accumulate music animate and advancing for the next bearing and beyond.